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Amsterdam serves up food waste

We made a reservation at Instock for breakfast about 3 days in advance. We thought that the novelty of eating food waste had worn off, yet to be served rescued food in a legitimate restaurant had us excited.  Instock works with grocery chains and farms to craft their meals from food that would otherwise see the bottom of a dumpster. Before you conjure up ideas of cut offs and food scraps, look at the amazing tender pork loin I had for brunch! I followed up the pork with a scrumptious apple pie and close-dated coffee.

Instock, located in Amsterdam, opened fairly recently to great success.  They also have a large space they use to cater to business meetings and luncheons. The concept of the restaurant came to the owners while working for a supermarket chain and witnessing the scale of food waste first hand. Because they had already worked “on the inside”, the grocery chain trusted them with their surplus when they came up with the idea of a rescued food restaurant.



If I took you to Instock for lunch you would never know the food you were served was rescued unless you read the small card on the table that fills you in. Now, if only someone would open their own version of Instock in our city! Bon appetite


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