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Audience Award at CPH:DOX!

Winner audience award CPH DOX-245

We’re gobsmacked. Just Eat It won the Audience Choice Award at CPH:DOX!

In a fantastical ceremony (think glitter, performance art, and atmospheric music), the CPH:DOX team laid out the awards evening in style. We don’t have a better photo because we were really taken by surprise and just had one moment to throw a camera at the poor guy sitting next to us to record the moment. Much thanks to the festival team who have so generously hosted us and connected us with local food waste advocated like Selina Juul (whose global reputation precedes her).

Four highlights from our trip (besides obviously winning the award) are:

  • Screening our film inside a grocery store! They called it “Supermarket After Dark” and served a delicious rescued meal afterwards in partnership with the local food bank.
  • When a crew of impassioned food rescuers traveled over an hour on the train to come see our film and bring us some homemade banana bread from salvaged bananas!
  • Meeting and hanging out with Robert Kenner, the director of Food Inc. He’s a director we have always looked up as his film had such impact for us.
  • Eating dinner at Rub & Stub restaurant where everything is made from rescued food. See more about that visit here.

The awards night was a perfect way to top off a great trip!If you ever get a chance to go to Copenhagen, do it! And rent a bicycle.


Now, on to IDFA, the largest documentary film fest in the world….

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