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Barrier Free Giving

We have updated our resources page! We wanted to make sure our viewers can continue their learning and engagement in the food waste world after viewing our film. To do so, we have compiled some of the most helpful resources we have found over the past few years. 

One of the barriers to food recovery that we have heard time and time again, is concern and misconceptions about the donor’s liability. If a grocery or restaurant wants to donate their surplus food, they can do so with out legal barriers across North America. 

food donros act

As well as addressing this in the film- we wanted to share the actual legal documents that protects any grocer or restaurant donating food in good faith. Every Province in Canada has their own legislative act, and the US has one too!

You will also find further information about best before dates, links to our favourite waste reducing websites, and books written by all three the experts featured in our documentary. 
Resources Here!

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