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Feeding the 5K and 1st Food Waste Forum

TristramDanaJonathan We just had a delicious experience in Berkley CA! The first Zero Food Waste Forum in the US and the first Feeding the 5K event kicked off  with a gleaning event at Bloomfield Organics. These wonderful farmers opened their fields to us and prepared an amazing dinner to share in their barn. Grant and I got to gleen kale with good folks from organizations like Food Recovery Network, Sustainable America, and Food Shift. Not to mention our superstar organizer Jordan Figueirdo (who by now must know someone from every food waste and food rescue organization in the country.) The forum started the next morning with a special screening of Just Eat It. We were thrilled to sit alongside all three  of our “food waste rock star” interviewees to answer questions afterwards. If you had told us 2 years ago that we would get  Dana Gunders, Tristram Stuart and Jonathan Bloom all on the same stage, we wouldn’t have believed it. The day progressed with incredible speakers from food rescue organizations, and tech companies to Feeding America. More importantly, people were really walking the talk. The forum lunch for all 300 people was rescued leftovers from a different conference (!) and some off the offerings were gleaned from local urban fruit trees (thanks you Falling Fruit and Food Shift). The next day a whole whack of people served up rescued food to thousands of people in Oakland in the first Feeding the 5K event in the US. Things are really happening around food waste, and we feel so privileged to be part of this inspiring movement!    

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