Just Eat It.

Food Waste Tips For Your Home

Top 12 tips to save up to ⅓ of your groceries (and budget) from the bin.

Shop Smart

  1. Take Stock: Know what you have and plan meals based on your inventory. Make your shopping list pre shop.
  2. Stick to your list: It’s a costly waste if you don’t consume what you buy, even if it is on special! Will you really eat that?
  3. Buy : It tastes just as good and saves food that might be wasted because size, shape, or color are not “right”.

Sensible Storage

  1. Practice FIFO (First in First Out): Organize newest groceries at the back, oldest in the front.
  2. Prioritize Perishables: Have a section in your fridge for food that needs to be consumed ASAP
  3. Keep it Fresh: refrigerate between 1-5 degrees C, use airtight containers,
  4. Preserve It: If the clock is ticking, freeze it, can it, dry it, or dehydrate it.


  1. Understand labels: use by and best before dates are not ‘expiry’ dates or ultimatums! They only indicate peak freshness.
  2. Get creative: Soups, stews, and smoothies are great “use it up” options.
  3. Use it all: Only toss non-edible parts of produce and spatula out containers.

At the Table

  1. Serve wisely? Put less on your plate: eat family style (shared serving bowls) or ask for smaller portions. Plate scrapes are wasted
  2. Save it for later: Take it to go. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers (and remember to eat them). Date and label items in transparent containers to avoid mystery meals.

If it can not be consumed by you,

  • Share it! Have a friend over for a meal
  • Feed it to an animal/pet
  • Compost it

….Food does not belong in the landfill.

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