Just Eat It.

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To the Dominican!

We are brushing up on our Spanish and heading out next week for the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival. We will be there, in person, for the first four days of the festival, September 8th-11th. 

This Festival is blowing our minds, not only with the impressive line-up of films, but with their public workshops about film making and activism, panel discussions, and admission is FREE! The festival is a part of the Green Film Network, and aims to educate the Dominican public about important environmental issues. Over 7,000 attendees are expected across 10 cities. We applaud the initiative to share knowledge in an engaging and accessible way, quite the accomplishment! 

Just Eat It will be screened four times in total. We are excited to be featured on the opening day, as well as the three following! We can not wait to see it in action!

For more information you can head to http://www.muestracinemedioambientaldominicana.org/dreff2015/la-muestra/?lang=en

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